Royal Discount - Don't order here if you need it fast


Ordered Windows 7 upgrade and paid extra for two day, expedited shipping. This was on a Monday. Got an email later that day saying the item was back ordered; should be available in 3-4 biz days. They agreed to drop the extra for shipping so I said "OK". Come Fri. I email to ask about my order, only to get a reply "It won't be here till next Wed". Seriously?! What legit biz doesn't keep stock of something like this?

I told them it had better be shipped overnight, at no charge, or they could cancel my order. They did comply, and it did arrive; but a week and a half after ordering? Why even have the expedited shipping available?!

They did respond timely to emails, so that is why I am giving the score I am. Just don't order from them if you want/need it quick -- like I needed.

Review about: Windows 7 Upgrade.

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